The Beautiful Blogger Award

First of all a BIG thank you to Brigitte from Brigitte’s Banter for this!  To anyone reading this who hasn’t been to her page: you’re missing out on a wonderful blog!

Now on to the award…

The Beautiful Blogger Award is for creativity, originality, and contribution to the blogging community.

The guidelines:

  • List seven random facts about yourself
  • Post a link to the blog of the person who nominated you
  • Link to seven other bloggers who are deserving of the award
  • Let those bloggers know that you’ve nominated them

My seven random facts about me

  1. My anatomy teacher in high school liked to give out awards at the end of the year to all her students.  She gave me the award for the best attitude.  She said the reason she was giving it to me was because I would walk in on the day of a test and say I’m going to fail it, but I’d always have a smile on my face!
  2. I laugh out loud – a lot.  Especially when I shouldn’t… like when I’m in class and looking at something on the internet or when I’m reading a book.  I always get weird looks.  Whatever
  3. In my first semester at college I had the most embarrassing experience of my life.  It was late in the semester, football season was over halfway through.  We were still undefeated and out quarterback, Cam Newton, was a star on campus.  I passed him every other day in the hall but I didn’t want to be one of those girls who stopped and gawked at him as he walked by.  One day I was late to class and my professor was pretty brutal to people who came late.  I was almost running and looking down turning off my iPod.  I didn’t see him, but Cam Newton was posing for a picture with a girl.  I literally ran into his back and fell over.  He didn’t budge at all.  Needless to say, I’m ridiculously embarrassed and my face is on fire.  The girl with the camera was steady taking pictures of this entire scene.  Cam Newton was almost laughing but helped me up.  I was too embarrassed to ever get a picture with him – even though I brought my camera just for that reason.
  4. It’s the fourth fact and I’m already struggling!  I sort of hate talking about myself!  It might not make any sense considering that I have a blog, but …
  5. When I was in middle school I went to a church camp that had the tallest zip line in the state of Mississippi, 100 ft.  There was a regular ladder leaned against a tree to climb up first and then these pieces of metal that looked like giant staples the rest of the way up.  I climbed up to the top of the ladder and froze.  I started to cry when I got up to the very top because I was so scared.  I guess I should clarify that I am afraid of heights – terrified is a better word.  When I got to the top there was a guy on this tiny platform that would secure the harness to the zip line.  He was probably thinking “What the heck kid.  If you’re this afraid of heights you shouldn’t have chosen to do the zip line.”  Which to be fair, he was right, but the friend I went to camp with was doing it.  But he told me to just sit and dangle my feet of the edge.  So I did and I was taking deep breaths and trying to relax, but still crying.  He gave me a little push, sort of, and off I went.  Without that surprise push I probably would have sat there all day.
  6. I love all things chocolate.  Not dark chocolate, I like it… but I prefer the non-healthy milk chocolate…
  7. I hardly ever cry at movies, but I cry every time during Fox and the Hound and The Lion King. Every. Single. Time.

And now to pass on this lovely award!

I know I’m breaking the rules with linking to five instead of seven.  Again, I prefer quality over quantity!

For other great blogs, check out the Sunshine Award post!

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10 responses to “The Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Wow Emi! Two awards back to back, and you were so surprised at the first, but I’m not! Congratulations, and thank you for your nomination, and the kind words about my blog!
    Smiles and Blessings – Faith :)

    • Well thank you so much! But the truth is, I’m just as floored as I was last time! Maybe even a little bit more!
      Congrats to you too! You definitely deserve it!

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me!! I’m super flattered. And I would SO do a post on this tomorrow for my next update, but I’ve already written that post and got it scheduled (and, being that organised for once, I’m loathe to change it). So I shall do it the Monday after. This gives me seven days to work out who will be my nominations!

    Thanks again, this is awesome. XD

  3. Emi, I’m not surprised you received an award for best attitude. FYI — you are most definitely a ‘writer.’ A writer observes things differently. When you describe your experience at church camp and that ladder — “these pieces of metal that looked like giant staples the rest of the way up” — that is a writers’ voice. I could perfectly envision it. Crying at movies that move you is a very good thing. :).

    • Really? I didn’t think that was very “writer-ly”! But thanks! It’s always nice to hear things like that!

        • I really appreciate that! Every time I’ve written something and I’m starting to read over it I hear a certain publisher’s description of my work “mediocre at best” – literally haunts me! haha :)


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